2022 Convention Agenda

Tentative Online Agenda:

Monday, May 9, 2022 (Online Session)

6:00 PM    Opening Worship

                   A Celebration of the Great Sending

                   Servant of Christ Awards

7:00 PM    Convention Begins with Call to Order

7:05 PM    Welcome: Rev. Dr. John Denninger, SED President

7:30 PM    Introduction of Minutes Review Committee


Tuesday, May 10, 2022 (Online Session)

Floor Committees Hearings are held on-line throughout the day.

9:30 AM    Floor Committee 01: Mission Committee

11:00 AM  Floor Committee 02: Congregational Outreach

12:30 PM  Floor Committee 03: Stewardship & Finance

2:00 PM    Floor Committee 04: Bylaws

3:30 PM    Floor Committee 05: Theology & Practice

                   Floor Committee 06: Nominations & Elections

6:00 PM    The Great Sending, Part I

7:00 PM    Report from Rev. Dr. John Denninger, SED President


Wednesday, May 11, 2022 (Online Session)

3:00 PM    Convention Orientation for New Delegates

6:00 PM    The Great Sending, Part II

6:45 PM    Report and Q & A

Tentative In-Person Agenda:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

3:00 PM    On-site Registration Begins

6:00 PM    Worship includes:

                   Welcoming Newly Chartered Congregations

                   Welcome New Missions

                   Servant of Christ Awards

6:45 PM    Introductions of Guests and Staff

6:55 PM    Report of Registration Committee

7:00 PM    Testing of the Voting System

7:15 PM    Convention Procedures

                    Adoption of Standing Rules

                    Adoption of Convention Schedule

                    Approval of Minutes for Virtual Sessions

                    Open Nominations for President

                    Close Nominations for Presidents

                    Open Nominations for Lay Members

                    Close Nominations for Lay Members

7:40 PM    Introduction of Presidential Candidates

7:55 PM    Prayer and Election of the SED President

8:10 PM    Welcome and Acceptance of President Elect

8:20 PM    Open Nominations for Vice President

                   Close Nominations for Vice President

                   Open and Close Nominations for the following offices:

                   Treasurer, Commissioned Worker, District Nominations Committee,  

                   Synod Nominations Committee

8:30 PM    Elections for Vice President

8:50 PM    Closing Devotions   


Friday, May 13, 2022

8:00 AM    On-site Registration Opens

9:00 AM    Convention Worship

10:00 AM   Business Session Reconvenes

                    Report of the Registration Committee

                    Approval of Friday Evening Minutes

                    Open and Close Nominations for Secretary

                    Elections: Treasurer, Lay Members, Commissioned Workers

10:30 AM   Floor Committee 01: Missions

11:15 AM   Floor Committee 02: Congregational Outreach

12:00 PM   Lunch Break

1:00 PM     Floor Committee 03: Stewardship & Finance

1:45 PM     Floor Committee 04: Bylaws

2:30 PM     Floor Committee 05: Theology & Practice

3:15 PM     Recognition of Outgoing BOD Members and Circuit Visitors

                    Installation of Circuit Visitors and BOD Members

3:45 PM    Final Words from the Outgoing President

4:00 PM    Adjournment and Sending

In addition, there will be three Pre-Convention webcasts in September 2021, February 2022, and April 2022.  Please check back for dates.