Our Staff and Volunteers

Stephen Heemann

Executive Director for Stewardship and Finance

As Director of Finance and Stewardship, I seek to be an enabler of ministry!   My coworkers and I are blessed through our opportunity to provide resources to congregations to treasurers and to stewardship leaders.  Many of these interactions come in the context of the annual Treasurers and Stewardship Workshops that are offered during autumn months in four locations across the District.  Watch for the announcement of workshop dates, topics, and presenters by June of each year for the upcoming fall season. 

Financial oversight of the resources with which the District has been blessed is also a key to effective ministry.  Prudent management of budgets, audits, and of every tool that contributes to the financial management landscape postures the SED in to be your ministry partner.  To complete this partnership, we pray that you will financially support the District through Mission Partnership Support gifts throughout the year that will demonstrate a heightened stewardship commitment toward the mission and ministry that we share.  We pledge to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us and to put your gift to work to open doors so that Christ can be shared with some of the 32 million people that live within our District that do not know Him.  We thank God for the relationship that we share and pray for His continued blessings.   

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