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Brooke Carpenter -

Me as a coach: My journey to coaching has been one of many twists and turns; my experience reflects a desire to explore and try new things. I started my career in the U.S. Air Force, spent many years as a wedding planner and owned a stationery boutique. I built a career in human resources and found my passion as a Life and Leadership Coach. In-time I’ve successfully aligned my natural strengths, values, and passion to create a fulfilling purpose as a professional coach.

Coaching Expertise: My coaching experiences has grown out of a desire to help leaders inside organizations thrive by equipping them with a powerful combination of self-awareness, practical tools, and accountability. I’ve work with leaders and their teams who want to grow, challenge, and explore so they can live out God’s calling.

Areas I enjoy working:

  • Leadership and Individual Development
  • Team and Group Development
  • Organizational Development


Training & Experience:

  • 2017 Lumina Spark Certified, Lumina Learning
  • 2017 Everything DiSC Certified, Wiley
  • 2016 Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • 2016 Core Essentials Coaching Certificate, Coach U
  • 2015 Society for Human Resources Certified Professional, SHRM
  • 2008 Human Resources Management Certificate, George Mason University
  • 2008 MBA in Leadership and Management, Webster University

Coaching Methods:

  • Individual Coaching (by phone, video, and in person)
  • Team and Group Coaching (in person)
  • Team Building and Workshop (in person)

TIM FANGMEIER        -  Office: 704-641-5811

About Me As A Coach: I have been involved in coaching for over 10 years.  I was first introduced to coaching by George Bullard who at the time was training coaches in partnership with Jane Creswell at the Hollifield Leadership Center in NC.

Coaching Expertise: My coaching has involved work with pastors, professional church workers and congregations. Through Wheat Ridge Ministries (Now We Raise Foundation) I helped create a Ministry Sabbatical Resource Center and coached pastors in planning sabbaticals. 

In retirement the focus of my coaching is around sabbatical planning and walking with church workers and leaders in times of conflict and change. 

Coaching Experience & Training: A new website has been developed for use by those planning sabbaticals: 

I have also created a Conflict and Change Toolbox that assists me in coaching workers facing those issues in ministry.  Another helpful resource is the Personal Ministry Plan that is useful to those wanting a greater focus to their ministry and better accountability.  Information about both of these resources can be found on my website.

Coaching Method: Most of my coaching is done by phone because of the distances involved with those I coach.  It has also been a cost effective way to walk with people.

TRAVIS B. GUSE  -  Mission Engagement Facilitator – SED Central Region    -  Office: 208-680-4928

About Me As A Coach:  Since 2007, I have been coaching individuals, organizations and ministries to discover and live out the best of who they are in Christ.  I received my ICF coach certification through the College of Executive Coaching and was certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach in 2012. Currently I am earning my doctorate in the field of coaching with Western Seminary in Portland, OR.  My dissertation is focused on empowering millennials to discover and live out their meaning and purpose in life through coaching.  In addition, I am also a coach trainer with Coach Approach Ministries. My passion and joy as a coach is to empower God’s people to discover and live out their authentic calling in Christ in all of their callings in life.

As a coach I serve as a creative think partner, coaching my clients to discover not only a preferred vision for their own life, but also empower them to discover God’s vision for their life.  We then work together to develop a strategy to make that preferred vision of the future a reality, offering support and encouragement along the way. My experience has been especially in coaching Millennials and those seeking to start entrepreneurial ventures. Currently I serve as the Mission Engagement Facilitator for the SED Central Region.  In my year and a half with the district I have not only coached a number of individuals, but also have facilitated Strengths team-building sessions as well as a number of Envisioning events for congregations.

Coaching Expertise:
- Strengths-Based Coaching
- Personal Life & Faith Coaching
- Executive & Leadership Coaching
- Team & Group Coaching
- Organizational Coaching
- Visioning & Strategic Planning
- Leadership Development
- Team-Building Workshops
- Career & Transition Coaching
- LifePlan Facilitation
- Entrepreneurial Coaching
- Youth Empowerment Coaching
- Coach Training & Mentoring
- Speaking Engagements & Training

Coaching Experience & Training:

  • Gallup Faith Strengths Coach – 2007
  • College of Executive Coaching (Life & Executive Coach Training) – 2009
  • Training in Appreciative Inquiry with College Of Executive Coaching – 2009
  • CoachNet Coach Certification (C4USM) - 2009
  • Myers-Briggs Facilitator – 2009
  • Gallup Faith Field Advisor Certification (ME 25 Member Engagement) - 2010
  • ACC Certification, ICF Certified Life & Executive Coach – 2012
  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach – 2012
  • VIA (Values In Action) Assessment Training - 2013
  • Certified Paterson LifePlan Facilitator – 2014
  • Coach Approach Ministries (CAM) Coach Trainer - 2015
  • Certified in The Motivators Assessment – 2017
  • Min. in Coaching, Western Seminary, Portland OR - Current

Coaching Method:

  • Individual Coaching (In-Person, Phone, Online)
  • Team & Group Coaching (In-Person, Phone, Online)
  • LifePlan Facilitation (In-Person)
  • Team-Building (In-Person)
  • Workshops & Training (In-Person)
  • CAM CoachTraining (In-Person, Online)

TINA JASION  -  Director of Christian Outreach ACC, International Coach Federation          -   Office: 410-375-7756

About Me As A Coach: I am passionate about helping churches and the people of God to fully live out their God given calling. After coming to faith in Jesus in my 20’s and operating two small businesses while raising my children, I answered the call to walk with Christian leaders in developing authentic outreaching ministries. Returning to the classroom in my 40’s, I completed a Masters in Christian Outreach and have worked on staff and as a facilitator and coach with congregations, teams and individuals in a wide variety of settings.

Coaching works! Helping people make the transition from an inward to an outreaching orientation is what led me to incorporate the practices of coaching. I am a practitioner, not just a theorist. I also serve as the COO of Faith and Work Enterprises (and Pennsylvania Avenue Chocolates), a new nonprofit in West Baltimore and as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), founded Faithful Innovation a coaching practice to “Inspire a wholesome expression of faith in life, ministry and business.”

Coaching Expertise: Moving ministry from ideas to action. Too often an idea can get “talked to death” and never take shape. My clients report that I have the ability to identify core opportunities and challenges and help them discover the steps to keep the vision and ideas moving forward and the graceful accountability to take them. I work with pastors, other church workers, lay leaders, and ministry teams in the areas of ministry design and implementation, leadership, outreach expansion, entrepreneurial start-ups, and revitalization.


  • Coaching ministry-minded individuals and teams – moving ministry ideas to action ACC Certified through the International Coaching Federation, September 2016
  • FiveTwo StartNew coach – coaching teams starting new sacramental ministries in a twoyear incubator process
  • Seifert Leadership Learning Communities coach - working with pastors in an intentional learning community


M.A. Christian Outreach, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN

B.S. Degree in Business Administration, Towson University, Towson, Maryland

Coaching Training – CoachNet Global AND Coach Approach Ministries

Additional Ministry Training:

  • Emergent Leadership Training – Cornerstone Consulting
  • Peacemaker – Reconciler Training, Christian Conflict Resolution and Conciliation
  • Churches Planting Churches Training, Center for U.S. Missions
  • Neighborhood Transformation, Urban Development Cert., Community Health Evangelism
  • Church Planter Training, Center for U.S. Mission
  • Ministry Associate Certification, Concordia College, Bronxville, NY
  • Mission Ministry Vision (MMV) Consultant Certification, Cornerstone Consulting

Coaching Method:

  • Visioning Workshops
  • Ministry Action Plans
  • Individual coaching – in person, online or phone
  • Group Coaching – online (individuals receiving coaching in a group setting around one topic)
  • Team Coaching – online (team receiving team coaching towards a stated goal)

DONNA KUNDE  -  Office: 912-977-2197

About Me As A Coach: Most people try to achieve success on their own, yet Jesus modeled the value of an inner circle. One is too small a number to achieve anything of significance. I bring my 20+ years of Army leadership experience and marry that with my 20+ years as an entrepreneur to help my clients build teams and systems for growth and success. It is written, “Where there is no vision, people perish.” My passion is to serve as a thinking partner to help church workers, independent professionals and business owners get crystal clear on their vision in order to maximize their results.

Coaching Expertise:  I specialize in leadership, personal growth, sales, team building, entrepreneurial mindset and communication. My philosophy is simple - I believe that leadership is broken down into self leadership and team leadership. Until we can learn to lead ourselves, we will never effectively lead others.

Coaching Experience & Training:

KAM 501 & KAM 503, Neuro-linguistic Programming, John Maxwell Team Certified, DISC Certified, BMus (Music Therapy). 

Coaching Method:

Leadership and Personal Growth Coaching Packages by Phone (Individual & Group), Mastermind Groups, Lunch & Learns, Seminars, Retreats, Workshops, DiSC training, leadership, team building, and communications assessments.

DEB LENNOX : PHONE:  302-236-3409    EMAIL  

About Me As A Coach:    I bring over 15 years of ministry experience, working with pastors, church workers, and ministry teams to create strategic plans, cast vision, and develop new ministries.  My passion is working with people to deepen their spiritual lives and to create plans for self-care to work toward wholeness to become the person God has created them to be. As a consecrated Lutheran Deaconess, I work with students on their education and formation processes and develop experiential learning opportunities for them.

Coaching Expertise: I have worked with individuals and congregations in the Southeastern District to do visioning and strategic planning, develop women’s ministries, and start new outreach ministries.

Coaching Experience & Training: I am a certified Christian Leadership Coach with Coach Approach Ministries.

Coaching Method:

-In person (individuals or teams)

-Workshops/retreats (for ministry teams, groups)

-Via phone or video call (individuals/groups)

ALAN SHAW  -  Office: 919-307-9247

About Me As A Coach:  I am a retired Army officer with over 22 years of leading organizations and teams at various levels.  I received my coach certification through Coach Approach Ministries in 2014 and started Plumb Line Strategies, LLC “helping people and organizations align to what’s next”.  I currently work with the military special operations community on transforming organizational culture.  My heart is with working with individuals and churches looking to learn more about themselves and moving forward to what’s next.

Coaching Expertise:  Leadership Coaching, Congregational Coaching, Team Building and Group Dynamics, Game Theory Exercises, Entrepreneur 90-day Transformation Challenge, Behavior Assessment (individual and team)

Coaching Experience & Training:  Certified John Maxwell Team member, Certified Path4 / Path6 and DiSC Behavior Assessments, Church Planter Coaching, High Performance Patterns Coaching, Certified gameOn facilitator, Certified Mobile Team Challenge (team building)

Coaching Method:  Coaching Packages, In person, Skype/Facebook, Workshops, Individual/Group

Art Umbach: Office - 804.512.0723

About Me As A Coach:  I have been working with individuals, ministry teams, and organizations as a parish pastor and district staff facilitator for the past 50 years.  My passion is to encourage and empower church workers and lay members to discover and live out their God-given calling.  I am particularly interested in the formation of young pastors.  My work with congregations has been focused on transformation and renewal.

Coaching Expertise:  My ministry has involved extensive work with church workers and congregations.  In that role, I have led team building, visioning and strategic planning, conflict management, leadership development, and spiritual formation.  I have taken post-graduate work in “family systems” with Rabbi Ed Friedman and served on the Healthy Congregations board with Dr. Peter Steinke.  I received my coach certification through Coach Approach Ministries and am licensed in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Coaching Experience and Training:

Mission & Ministry Facilitator – 1993-2015: CLLC Training and Certification with CAM- 2018: Spiritual Director – 2009: Family Emotional Process - 1991: Myers Briggs Facilitator – 1985: Bridge-builder Consultant – 1993: Church Worker Support Team – 1994-2017: Group Formation – Cornerstone Consulting – 1993

Coaching Method:  In person when feasible: By phone: Face Time and Skype

CHRISTINE WETHMAN  -  Office: 407-718-4647

About Me As A Coach: I  am devoted to working with churches to bring about transformation and renewal using strengths-based practices and navigating through change successfully.  From an individual standpoint, my passion lies with guiding church administrative professionals on their journey of developing emotional intelligence and positive interpersonal relationships.

Coaching Expertise:

  • Strengths-based Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Visioning and Planning
  • Positive Organization Development
  • Coaching/Support for Church Administrative Professionals


  • Close to 20 years of serving in various capacities at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Oviedo, FL including Pastoral Ministry Assistant.
  • Trusted advisor to Lutheran Haven, Oviedo, FL in staff Leadership Development and Visioning for expansion.
  • Strengths-based Strategic Planning workshops for churches in Minnesota, Iowa, and Florida.
  • Instructor for LCMS Foundation for Strategic Visioning and Planning.


  • BA in Organizational Behavior, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
  • MS in Positive Organization Development & Change from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  • Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change
  • Certificate in Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Coaching Method:

  • Leadership Retreats
  • Visioning Workshops
  • Appreciative Inquiry Seminars
  • Strategic/Ministry Action Plans
  • Personal conversations – In person, online or phone