Compassion Story

When Disaster strikes, our churches respond. What a joy it is to know that there are many hands who help when our neighbors experience the destruction of a hurricane, severe storm, or act of violence. Many hands came together to help with Hurricane Matthew recovery in the Lumberton area of North Carolina, Charleston and Hilton Head SC. You have read the stories of our work with the Day Care Center. But work continues in Lumberton.

Members of Hope (and other 13W congregations) are working two days/month. In these days they are working to rebuild private homes, at worksites provided by the National Association of Christian Churches. They anticipate sending teams down there at least twice/month for the foreseeable future. Many, many families still not back in homes in NC. If you are interested in joining them, email

In addition, Hope is sponsoring a Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) training event on Saturday May 19. Joel and Kathy Matthews (Mercy in Action) will be leading the sessions that will address disaster basics: response, Biblical foundation for serving, volunteer safety, legal issues, general debris cleanup, and flood and hurricane cleanup. You can sign up on Hope’s website at Cost is $35. A follow-up chainsaw operator course will be held on June 2; the May LERT training is a prerequisite.