Congregation and Prayer

Forming A Prayer Ministry Team– This helps a congregations form an active prayer ministry team, which would help congregations intentionally seeks God’s will and advances the power of prayer in its mission.

New Building Prayer Walk This provides a model of how to “bless” a new building to the service of Christ, His people,  and the community.

Prayer Triplets  by George Bullard – This describes some principles and methods for conducting a short-term prayer movement (e.g. 100 days) in your congregation.

Prayer Activities describe a variety of ways that congregations may pray.

Prayer and HIPPA - What is required of congregations regarding the disclosure of personal information and public sharing of prayer requests?

Transformation – A brief devotion focusing on transforming individuals and congregations

Prayer Service - a service of Listening Prayer

Spiritual Formation Retreats Like Jesus, we are called to "withdraw to lonely places to pray." These retreats help us to quietly listen to God as He speaks to us in HIs Word, and then to respond with a life of discipleship and service.

Retreat Preparations - A description of what is needed to host a retreat. Publicity samples can be provided upon request.

Prayer Breakfast Model - As “two or three are gathered together” around the breakfast table, we share the Word and pray for each other, the church, and the world.

Prayer Services

Sample prayer services are provided to help congregations as they gather for special times of prayer

Prayer Service 1             Prayer Service 2         Prayer Service 3       Prayer Service 4
Prayer Service 5              Prayer Service 6             Prayer Service 7 (Lords Prayer)
Prayer Service 8 (December)      Prayer Service 9 - Listening