The 38th Convention of the Southeastern District was closed at noon on Saturday, May 12, 2018. Delegates completed elections, addressed resolutions, and were ready to move forward with new energy for the mission work ahead.

Daily Proceedings - Day 1

Daily Proceedings - Day 2

Daily Proceeding - Day 3

In all 18 people were elected to District and National positions, 29 resolutions were addressed, there were presentations and reports from SED President John Denninger, LCMS President Matthew Harrison, and Convention Essayist Bob Scudieri – and that was just the business.

Worship and music in the Convention Hall, during the Ascension Day Service, and at the Eucharist Service at St. Stephens was uplifting. Minister of Music Kyle McClure invited the Children’s Choir, Handbell Choir, Chancel Choir, and the Brass Ensemble for Concordia, Conover to help with music in the Convention Center. The University Christian High School Glee Club helped to gather us back to sessions after lunch on Friday. The Worship at St. Stephens, Hickory was a the first time in many conventions that delegates traveled to a local congregation. During this worship service, we were enveloped by the music of organ and brass, what a glorious setting for a service of being gathered to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, celebrate the Servant of Christ recipients, and be sent out to “go fish”. Rev. Dave Guelzow was the Chaplain for the convention. Rev. David Ziehr led the gathered throughout the Convention in Listening Prayer, which allowed God’s Word to help shape the conversation and convention business.

Floor Committees worked hard in preparation for the Convention, listened carefully during Open Hearings, and led well from the Convention Floor. A fuller report of the Resolutions will be included with the next Convention Report. Some quick tidbits, however:

  • Affirmed the vision of iNeigborhood.
  • Requested the further development of the Worker Task Force Committee in providing caring support for rostered workers.
  • Voted to send to Synod in Convention an overture “To Amend Synod’s Constitution to Allow All Member Congregations Voice and Vote”, a resolution that addressed the language of the LCMS Constitution and Bylaws in its use of “parish”.
  • Requested CTCR to address “To Ask for Guidance Regarding Non-Legal Marriages Recognized by the Church”.
  • Adopted a Worker Development Plan that addresses the missional issues of having more congregations and missions without properly prepared pastors.
  • Welcomed 9 chartered congregations, (2 so new that they have not yet had their chartering service).

Rev. Dr. John Denninger was re-elected to his third term as SED President. The following listing shares the results of the other elections

Board of Directors

President: Rev. Dr. John Denninger, Prince of Peace, Springfield VA

1st Vice President: Rev. Bill Beyer, Holy Cross, Clayton NC (S)

2nd Vice President: Rev. Bill Harmon, King of Glory, Williamsburg VA (C)

3rd Vice President: Rev. Dr. Lloyd Gaines, Peace, Washington DC (N)

Secretary: Rev. John Kassouf, Redeemer, Fredericksburg VA (C)

Treasurer: Tom DeMik, Our Savior, Laurel MD  (N)

Lay Members

Janis McDaniels, Ebenezer Lutheran, Greensboro NC (S)

Beth Elgert, King of Glory, Williamsburg VA (C)

Ron Bostick, Resurrection, Cary NC (S)

Russ Boraas, Trinity, Richmond VA (C)

Nancy Nolley, Prince of Peace, Charlotte NC (S)

Commissioned Workers

DCE Paula Weiss, Messiah, Charlotte NC (S)

Dr. Dina Vendetti, St. John’s, Dover DE (N)

District Nominations Committee

Northern Region: Karen Boyette, Peace Lutheran, Washington DC

Central Region: Rev. Tim Bohlmann, Bethany, Waynesbvoro VA

Southern Region: Tom Kolb, Resurrection, Cary NC

Synod Nominations: Rev. Dr. John Diefenthaler, Our Savior, Laurel MD

Alternate: Rev. Dr. David Maack, St. Paul’s, Glen Burnie MD

(N: Northern Region, C: Central Region, S: Southern Region)