The Southeastern District has 19 circuits. Circuit 9 (northern Virginia)is divided into two circuits as is Circuit 13 (Eastern North Carolina). Circuit Visitors used to be called Circuit Counselors.

Circuit # 1
The Rev. David Nuss
Christ, Seaford DC

Circuit # 2
The Rev. James Banach
New Freedom, PA

Circuit # 3
The Rev. J. Thomas Foelber
St. James Lutheran Church
, Baltimore, MD

Circuit # 4

Circuit # 5
The Rev. Martin J. Schultheis
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD

Circuit # 6
Rev. Kenneth Carlson
North Potomac MD

Circuit # 7
The Rev. Peter A. Schiebel
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mount Rainier, MD

Circuit # 8
The Rev. Jonathan Blanke
Trinity, Lexington Park, MD

Circuit # 9 A
The Rev. John S. Meehan
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Alexandria, VA

Circuit # 9 B
The Rev. Wayne J. Lehrer
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
, Falls Church, VA

Circuit # 10
The Rev. Dr. Matthew D. Bean

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Richmond, VA

Circuit # 11
The Rev. Robert H. Sorenson
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Farmville, VA

Circuit # 12
The Rev. William H. Hollar, Jr.
Resurrection Lutheran Church
, Newport News, VA

Circuit # 13
The Rev. James M. Daub
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Havelock, NC

Circuit # 13.5
The Rev. Lawrence R. Lineberger
Wake Forest, NC

Circuit # 14
The Rev. David  H. Tessmann
Redeemer Lutheran Church
, Burlington, NC

Circuit # 15
The Rev. Timothy Fangmeier
Davidson NC 28036

Circuit # 16
The Rev. Anton G. Lagoutine
St. John's Lutheran Church
, Conover, NC

Circuit # 17
The Rev. David W. Ziehr
St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Hickory NC

Circuit # 18
The Rev. Ted L. Crandall
Faith Lutheran Church
, Beaufort, SC

Circuit # 19
The Rev. Dr. John G. Brunner
Resurrection Lutheran Church, Franklin, NC

Questions concerning Southeastern District Circuit Visitors should be directed to the President's Office