Missionaries from the Southeastern District
DCE Krista Young- Serves the Lord as a missionary in Ethiopia
Krista is a volunteer coordinator, working with local leaders to identify and open opportunities for short-term volunteers and teams to support the work of the church. Her husband Joel is looking forward to teaching in Addis Ababa. Their two daughters are with them in the mission field. More about the Youngs

Mark and Megan (Flannery) Mantey - Serving the Lord in Uganda
Mark and Megan (Flannery) Mantey serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as career missionaries in Uganda. Mark serves as the project manager for the seminary in Uganda, managing the business aspects of it. He develops best practices for the long-term fiscal management of the seminary and collaborates in the creation of a long-term business plan. Latest Newsletter.  More about the Manteys

J.P. and Aimee Cima - Serving the Lord in Vietnam
J.P. and Aimee serve in northern Vietnam, where the LCMS has carried out human care and education projects for over 20 years. J.P. and Aimee work with local partners in developing and implementing community development projects in rural areas. They have also established a social enterprise to reach out to young families in the city. Moreover, J.P. and Aimee facilitate and oversee GEO personnel who teach EFL in universities in and around Hanoi, as well as short-term service teams from the United States and Asia.
More about the Cimas

James and Angela Sharp - Serving the Lord in Uruguay
Rev. James and Angela Sharp serve the Lord as career missionaries of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Uruguay. In this role, James plants new churches and works to support mercy outreach projects around the country. Through Word and Sacrament ministry, he partners with the local church leaders to form and develop groups of believers into mature, self-sustaining and self-replicating congregations. James also teaches courses in Lutheran theology to assist in training individuals in the Lutheran faith. He preaches in local congregations, whenever needed, as well. More about the Sharps

Shauen and Krista Trump - Serving the Lord in Africa
Rev. Shauen and Krista Trump are based in Nairobi, Kenya. As the LCMS area director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Shauen works with other LCMS personnel serving in these regions of Africa and builds relationships with the leaders of partner churches. He also implements strategies, projects, programs and grants for roughly half the African continent, from Ethiopia to South Africa. Some of the largest and smallest Lutheran churches in the world are in this area, along with literally thousands of languages and cultures. Krista works part-time as the Africa region project coordinator, an unofficial logistics coordinator for various events. More about the Trumps

Making an Impact in Peru
Members of the SED support the global mission work of the LCMS by partnering with the mission outreach being developed in Peru. This ministry is served by LCMS Missionaries and their families. Ron Bostick is the Southeastern District Coordinator of this mission effort. Ron is available to visit congregations and schools to share the story of the ongoing mission work.

The LCMS Peruvian Mission Team in Lima is currently reaching out to 5 communities of Lima (San Borja, Los Olivos, La Victoria, San Juan de Lurigancho, and Chorrillos). Their long term goals include: establishing self-propagating and self-sustaining churches; identifying and educating future Peruvian pastors and lay leaders; creating mercy centers that will serve in Body (Health, Education, and Life) and Soul (Word and Sacrament).

San Borja
- Providing a weekly Worship Services
- Supporting Coffee & Conversation nights that attract individuals wanting to improve their
  English conversational skills.

Los Olivios
- Providing Sunday Services and Bible Study
- Growing lay leadership

- Home congregation of Vicar Elvis who is currently at the seminary in the Dominican Republic

La Victoria (Castella Fuerte)

- Providing Saturday Services
- Weekday soup kitchen for children followed by bible activities
- Saturday afternoon bible activities with children, followed by a service- Conducting Confirmation and Bible Study classes

San Juan de Lurigancho

- Weekly visits in support of children activities


- Provide a Day Care Center for the women who are working at Krochet Kids.
- Eventual addition of a worship service and Bible Studies in the community 

The Peruvian missionaries also are willing to SKYPE with congregations. If you are interested in setting up a date/time (even Sunday mornings) please send an email to  and specify the missionary(s) that you want to SKYPE with.  This email address is managed by the mission's administrator.  If there is no response, contact Ron Bostick at .

Ron Bostick and Sally Hiller attend Forums semi-annually. Usually held in Peru with the Peruvian Mission Team and their partners as they come together to discuss the mission strategy; current plans and activities; and opportunities that need to be addressed. Our SED partnership with the Peruvian Mission Team brings additional resources that will help the team to reach their ministry goals.

Future SED Mission Teams will be led by MOST (http://www.mostministries.org/).  The following web page should be referenced to understand dates and opportunities to serve in Peru (http://www.mostministries.org/team_schedule ). For additional details or questions Debby Suchyta should be contact at   or (734) 994-7909 ext. 11). If your any questions concerning future Peru Mission Teams Ron Bostick at or (919) 606-2113 can also be contacted.