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    Financial Resources

    Salary Guidelines and recommended starting salary information my be found on the following links

    Taxes and Ministers - A resource on tax issues for ordained and commissioned ministers. (This is a downloadable PDF of the booklet.)

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness - forgives federal student loan debt after 10 years or 120 qualifying payments for people working in certain public service jobs. To qualify for forgiveness, a borrower must make the right type of payments (Income-Based Repayment, Income-Contingent Repayment, or a 10-year standard payment) on the right type of loan (federal Direct Loan) while working in the right type of job (government, nonprofit, etc.)., is a leading source of consumer information about the programs.

    Tuition Assistance for Future Church Workers
    - application and all required documentation must be received by May 31.

    Church Law & Tax Report - Legal requirements related to reporting child abuse (real or suspected). A review of the law for each state in the Southeastern District.

    Small Business Health Care Tax Credit - information

    Small Business Health Care Tax - Frequently asked questions

    Travel Equalization Assessment Form 2014
    The Southeastern District has established a Travel Equalization program to provide minimum reimbursement for pastors, teachers, vicars, and laity who serve as representatives to official District conferences and conventions. If you choose to participate in Travel Equalization, the District office must receive your congregation’s or school’s payment prior to the event for which they intend to submit a claim. 2014 assessments are due December 31, 2013. Travel Equilization Voucher(blank)

    Mission Partnership Support Form (2013)

    Concordia Plan Services - Benefits, resources, and services—it’s all covered within the site. See how we “walk together” with the LCMS to support members and their families through benefit packages.