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    Call Documents - Commissioned -
    To receive an electronic copy of the call documents you must first contact Sirpa Quinn via email or 800.637.5723 . Please provide your name, congregation's name and congregation's address.

    Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers
    To assist you in explaining the call process for all commissioned workers you can view our Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers. This document helps explain the call process, when to notify the District Office, paperwork required to install workers, and many other items.

    Synodical Graduate Call Procedure
    Use when calling from Concordia University System (first call)

    New web-based procedure for calling a new synodical graduate - A Universal Request form is up and running online. This form should save you time in making contact requests with individual CUS institutions. By filling out the form and making a request at you will not need to call each CUS school individual with your request. When filling in the information one, two, or more Concordia University System institutions can be selected. Once the "Insert Record" button is clicked on the information, it will be sent via email to all the CUS Institutions that were selected. It will also be sent here to the District Office as well as the calling body so that they can retain their information. As always, you may still contact each university directly to make your request. If you have any questions, please contact the District Office.

    A message regarding Calling a University:
    Call documents for “first calls and initial placement” are downloaded for the CPH site. Contact Sirpa Quinn for password and instructions.

    The completed Call Document packet must be sent to the District President for his signature and will then be processed through the Board of University Education (BPE) in St. Louis. Ultimately, the Council of Presidents, which serves as the Board of Assignments for The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, will place the graduate in the congregation/school. This action by the Council of Presidents must take place prior to the commissioning and installation of the graduate in your congregation.

    Secondly, please note that the District President must authorize the commissioning and installation of a commissioned minister graduate. After the graduate has accepted the call extended to him/her, the graduate or a school representative must contact the District President to request that his/her commissioning and installation be authorized for a specific date and place. The District President will then proceed to prepare the form authorizing the commissioning and installation, which will also identify the person who will officiate at the commissioning and installation.

    In closing, please contact the District Office prior to making any plans for the commissioning or installation of your new graduate to make sure that the proper procedures are followed.