Calling Ministers of Religion - Ordained and Commissioned

by Southeastern District on November 11, 2021

Applying for a Vicar (2022)
The Vicar application process has opened for the 2022 – 2023 Academic year. A congregation’s pastor would serve as supervisor as the vicar works “in the field” for their third year of the Master of Divinity Program. Please contact President Denninger’s office ( ) if you would like to receive application information. The deadline for submission of the applications to the district office is February 1, 2022.

The Vacancy Journey: A Manual for Newly Vacant Congregations
To receive a copy or copies of this Manual, contact Karen Boyette in the SED President’s office at or by calling 800-637-5723, ext. 202.

Call Documents
For Ordained Minister call documents, please contact the President's Office at 703-971-9371 ext. 202 or via email at for user name and password for access to the online forms. ​ For Commissioned Minister call documents, please contact the Mission and Ministry Office at 703-971-9371 ext. 206 or via email at .

It is important to be in communication with the District office during the call process.

Also, please contact the District Office prior to making any plans for the ordination, commissioning, or installation to make sure that the proper procedures are followed.

Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers
To assist you in explaining the call process for all commissioned workers you can view our Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers. This document helps explain the call process, when to notify the District Office, paperwork required to install workers, and many other items.

Synodical Graduate Call Procedure when calling from Concordia University System (first call – commissioned): CLICK HERE

Placement Request Form for Commissioned Minister Candidates from the Concordia University system: CLICK HERE

Concordia University System Placement Contact List:  CLICK HERE

LCMS Salary Calculator: Ministries can now generate a compensation estimate for positions in both the Parish Professional and Pastoral segments. Concordia Plan Services has developed this for both congregations and schools.

  • To access the tool for pastors and parish professionals, visit: (note: log in information is at the bottom of the web page.)
  • To access the tool for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, preschool and assistant teachers, childcare and assistant teachers, head administrators/principals, assistant administrators/principals and early childhood directors, visit:

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