A network of certified coaches within the SED committed to connecting with pastors, church workers and lay people

by on April 26, 2018

The SED Coaching Network is a client directed process that empowers individuals and ministries to discover the best of who God has created and redeemed them to be in Christ, and then determine the best path forward in living that calling out. A coach serves as a creative think partner, helping you process the goals and visions that not only you have for your life and ministry, but the goals and visions that God has as well.  

  • A coach will never tell you what to do, but rather through deep listening and asking powerful questions, seeks to empower you in determining your own solutions and designing action steps.
  • Coaching is perfect for those times of transition in life, moving from what was, to discovering what could be.  Sometimes in order to see God’s visions for our lives and ministries become a reality, we need someone who is in our corner, providing encouragement, support and accountability along the way.  
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