by Southeastern District on April 17, 2018

The materials in this workbook consist of Sections A – F as indexed below.  This material will not be reproduced in the Convention Proceedings.

Workbook Contents - The title of each section is a link. Click on the title and a downloadable PDF will open. You may read it online or print it if preferred.

Letter from President Denninger

Table of Contents (update May 7)
Convention Overview - section A
  (rev. May 1)                                    Section             Page

  -Convention Agenda                                                                A                     1
  -Biographical Data on Presenters and Guests                    A                     5
  -Parliamentary Procedure/Standing Rules                          A                   11
  -Electronic Voting Key Pad Information                               A                   15
  -Biographical Data on Nominees for Election                     A                   16  

-Supplement Section A - Honored Guests

Overtures - section B

  -Regarding the Lettering and Numbers of Resolutions       B                      1
  -Mission Development Overtures                                            B                      3
  -Congregational Outreach Overtures                                      B                    14
  -Stewardship & Finance Overtures                                          B                    25
  -Bylaws Overtures                                                                      B                    33
  -Theology & Practice Overtures                                               B                    34
  -Slate of Circuit Visitors to be Ratified                                    B                    46

SED Bylaws - Section C

   -Bylaws of the Southeastern District                                       C                      1

Personnel Data - Section D

Those Serving the Southeastern District                                    D                      1

Ministers of Religion – Ordained on the District Roster           D                      7

Ministers of Religion – Commissioned on the District Roster  D                    16

New to the Synodical Roster and Status Changes in SED        D                    22

Lay Delegates                                                                                    D                    34

Pastoral Delegates                                                                           D                    37


Triennium Reports - Section E

District Board of Directors’ Report                                               E                      1

District President’s Report                                                             E                      3

Staff Report: Rev. Travis Guse                                                      E                    26

Staff Report: Rev. Dr. Yared Halche                                              E                    29

Staff Report: Rev. Donald Schaefer                                              E                    32

Staff Report: Rev. Dr. William Seaman                                         E                    34

Staff Report: Mr. Stephen Heemann                                             E                    36

Staff Report: Deaconess Sally Hiller                                             E                    41


Section E Supplement  Additional Reports(posted May 7)


Resolutions - Section F

Regarding the Lettering and Numbers of Resolutions            F                      1

Mission Development                                                                   F                      3

Congregational Outreach                                                             F                    13

Stewardship & Finance                                                                 F                    18

Bylaws                                                                                             F                    22

Theology & Practice                                                                      F                    31

Nominations & Elections                                                              F                    36


This workbook will remain on this Southeastern District website. Please download the final workbook as the official record of the 38th Convention of the Southeastern District, LCMS.   

Reference – 2016 LCMS Handbook