Copyrights and licensing

by on April 06, 2018


Copyright compliance is a major area of responsibility and concern for most church music and creative arts leaders who use copyrighted materials. Obtaining the proper licenses for compliance can often be a confusing, difficult and time-consuming process.

The Southeastern District has partnered with CopyrightSolver by Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS), to help with your copyright compliance.

Anytime you have specific copyright questions you can call their hotline number at 1-855-5SOLVER to speak directly with a Copyright Solver.

For more information and resources, including fact sheets, videos and idea kits, visit our Southeastern District page at

If you’d like to ask specific copyright questions, please contact CopyrightSolver directly at 1-855-5SOLVER.

To receive a 15% discount towards your first year’s licensing fees on CopyrightSolver’s PERFORMmusic License, WORSHIPcast License or PERMISSONSplus Service, use Promo Code: SELCMS.

One of the greatest areas of confusion involves what each blanket license covers. One license does not cover all your copyright activity.

For example, the CCLI, CVLI, PERFORMmusic and WORSHIPcast licenses each offer different coverage in different areas of compliance. You may download  a document explaining this.

Copyright solver is a great resource to help you manage the copyright rules for print, music and video. They have downloadable resources that may be shared congregation staff and members.  Is your church using copyrights legally? Take 5 minutes and complete the "copyright compliance Report Card" so see what your grade is.