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by Southeastern District on January 11, 2022

Hearts for Jesus, 2021-2022

Please click here to for a ministry update (PDF flyer, 01-22)

For many years the early childhood centers and K - 12 schools of the SED have partnered in supporting a special project we call “Hearts for Jesus.” School Ministries designate their chapel offerings (or put on special mission drives) during the month of February (or whatever time frame you choose) to support a designated mission ministry.

This year we have selected World Mission, who has partnered with the Florida-Georgia District’s Hearts for Jesus initiative. World Mission exists to share God’s Word with people who have never heard of the name of Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission.

Our friends in Florida-Georgia explain the program this way:  “One of the most powerful ministry tools they use is called a “Treasure,” a solar-powered audio device that contains the Bible in the native language of the people who receive them. Just imagine what a treasure they must be to those who hear the Word of God for the very first time.

World Mission is preparing downloadable resources for each school that has signed up, to use to help tell the story of their outreach ministry to children. And, each school that participates will receive a Treasure to demonstrate to the children in your school just how they work. (Schools will be asked to return them so they can be deployed somewhere else in the world.)”

A link to World Mission’s Hearts for Jesus Resource page can be found here:

Southeastern District Schools

Prior-Year Hearts for Jesus Projects

2020-21         LWR Baby Care Kits

2019-20         Bethania Kids, India ($954.46)

2018-19         Seth, Kezia, Amos Comfort Dogs ($1,899.21)

2017-18         Castillo Fuerte, Lima Peru ($9,507.64)

2016-17         Orphan Grain Train, Sewing Machines for Cameroon ($5,701.58)

2015-16         An Ark, Heifer Projects ($10,588.19)

2014-15         Lutheran School in Uganda, Kakiika ($18,545.18)

2013-14         4 the 1: Human Trafficking ($3,920.13)

2012-13         Giving Gardens, WheatRidge Foundation (Schools sent directly to WheatRidge)

2011-12         The Lutheran Malaria Initiative, LWR ($4,202.00)

2010-11         School for Flantown, Liberia ($5,715.00)

2009-10         Mercy Ships ($10,571.28)

2008-09         Faith Comes Hearing ($7,875.00)

Note:  Many schools sent their gifts directly to the organization. Figures here show the funds that were sent through the SED.

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