by Southeastern District on March 16, 2020

This page is set up to share resources and information to assist our schools during the Coronavirus crisis.

CDC Guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs - this page has frequently updated links for ongoing mitigation guidance for early childhood programs and k-12 schools

Reopening Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting - This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home.  (CDC)

COVID 19 Early Childhood Center Webinar Rsources -The following are video presentations from LCEF's early childhood webinar series.

Megan Miessler – We Have Not Been Here Before

Kathy Entzenberger -  Back to Shool – By Way of COVID 19

Bill Nau  - Christian Child Development Centers Operating as a Mission of SE Congregations

LCMS School Ministry - This site is filled with resources from the Schools Ministry Department, LCMS Districts, and educational partners in ministry. Resources for online/distance learning resources is also located here.

- Suggestions for Schools During and Extended Period of School Closing

- Learning Plan for Preschool to Grade 12

Seven Pandemic Survival Tips for Parents of Young Children by Dr. Mary Manz Simon

An Virtual Encouragement Group for Teachers: Safe Harbor is hosting a weekly teacher encouragement group on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30pm.  Sign up a

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