by Southeastern District on March 27, 2020

Note: This page is being updated regularly. Please check back frequently for changes and updates, as this situation continues to develop.

Visual Faith Ministries is sharing two prayer resources for prayer time at this time of COVID and the fight to end racism Blessing Prayer template and Heal Our Broken World. (6/22/2020)

Amid the fear, isolation, and uncertainty of this time our congregations, neighbors, and friends are finding new ways to stay spiritually connected. It is time to be creative and find ways to build a digital community, a digital neighborhood.  This page will list some of the ways SED congregations, schools, and ministries are using to stay spiritually connected. If you have ideas you would like to share please email them to .

Congregational Live Streaming – we are doing our best to keep up with the growing number of connecting with streaming their services. Check your congregation website and Facebook page for service times and mid-week bible studies.

SED Worker Care Ministry - The SED worker care team posts is active on Facebook listing resources  and uplifting messages for church workers during this time.

Visual Faith MInistries - Visual Faith is a learning community to share faith keeping, story-telling tools and projects, as well as visual prayer and Bible Journaling that may be used for personal, family, neighborhood and community faith formation. Their site has resources for bible journaling, prayer cards, faith journals that can be used by the whole family at this time of self isolation. Follow them on Facebook

Praying Through Hymns- The SED has been posting favorite hymns during Lent Facebook. These hymns are intended as a devotional resource to be printed, colored in, shared, and used during prayer time. These are available on the Devotional Art page on this website.

Sharing Bibles - Stacey Crosson has a "table of Hope" in her front yard for neighbors to stop,  leave messages, to pray  and now to even pick up a Bible. Stacey has a stack of Bibles at the table with a sign encouraging people to take one.

Facebook Bible Studies  and connections– these are just a few of our churches doing bible study through out the week. Throughout the District we have teachers reading books online to students, Pastors and DCE's doing Bible Studies on FB Live. Check out what other churches in your area are doing by looking and following their Facebook pages. We will continue to update and change the links below so check back often.

Sundays @ Six - Worship for those who are unable to attend. - a resource created by Alice Hedt to share the Gospel by conference call to those who are homebound.

Resources from Synod

LCMS Youth Ministry - Encouragement and new resources for youth and young adult ministry are being spotlighted on this page. There are also direct links to youthESource Facebook and the LCMS Youth Ministry Facebook pages.

Resources for Home - Resources including Concordia Publishing House to help families draw closer to God during these times of uncertainty. A wonderful resource on having family devotions is found here.

LCMS Worship - Weekly Prayers for the Church, updated to reflect the impact and effects of the pandemic and a source of worship planning resources.

Concordia Publishing House - Free family devotions for every day of the week, childrens’ ministry materials, and Bible study materials are among the resources for congregations, families, and church workers that have been prepared.