ROC2 Workshops

The conference will begin with workshops in 5 areas at 2pm on Friday, July 27. Sessions 1, 2, and 3 will have workshops by Greg Finke our main speaker, Anna Johnson from CPH, Peter Frank from Concordia Technology Solutions, Tony Cook from Lutheran Hour Ministries, and Belinda Bost an children's ministry leader from Concordia, Conover NC.   Session 4 will be led by SED staff.

Friday @ 2 pm – Greg Finke - Workshop Session I: The Mission Mindset for Joining Jesus on His Mission

The mission mindset we bring to our daily adventure with Jesus will leave us anxious or excited; full of dread or full of anticipation. Join Greg as we dig deeper into what Jesus says about the mindset we can bring to our mission adventures with Him.

Friday @ 3:30 pm – Greg Finke - Workshop Session 2: The Missing Ingredient for Joining Jesus on His Mission

There is a simple but indispensable ingredient most of us forget (or are unwilling) to include in our mission strategy and lifestyle.  Join Greg as we uncover what the missing ingredient is and how it will produce fruit for our mission investments.

Saturday @ 10:45 am – Greg Finke - Workshop Session 3: Supporting a Lifestyle of Joining Jesus on His Mission

If we are going to move from mission-as-hobby to mission-as- lifestyle, we will need a little help from our friends. Join Greg as we get serious about what we need to do to make the transition to being an everyday missionary.


Friday @ 2 pm – Anna Johnson - Workshop Session I: Is Sunday School for You? Well, we know so, but there are a variety of ways to design your Christian education program that takes in the large congregation, the small congregation, the multi-generational approach…and more. In this session, participants will explore a variety of styles of teaching Sunday School and Sunday School design.  They will also be introduced to the Concordia Publishing House curriculum options for Sunday School and Bible study.

Friday @ 3:30 pm – Anna Johnson - Workshop Session 2: Basic Sunday School Teacher Boot Camp: Sunday School Teachers are special! More than just someone who has a few extra minutes to teach a Bible lesson, Sunday School Teachers are prayed over and are asked to share in the mission and ministry of teaching children the Bible stories that nurture faith and deeper understanding of God’s grace for them. In this session, you will learn how to develop a staff of teachers and get them ready for serving!

Saturday @ 10:45 am – Anna Johnson - Workshop Session 3:     Sunday School and Mission? Did you ever think about how Sunday School might be just the way to capture the hearts of your neighbors and make a difference in the lives of families? More than a program in the church, Sunday School equips children and resources families to share Jesus in their home and neighborhoods. How are you prepared to send your young missionaries out into the mission field? Do you encourage them to bring a friend? How do you welcome these guests and follow up with them? Have you considered back-yard Sunday School classes throughout the neighborhoods of your church members? These questions will not only encourage the work of mission in the neighborhood,,. but will help to connect the people we know with Jesus.


Friday @ 2 pm  - Peter Frank - Workshop Session I - How Your Church Can Use Facebook to Reach Your Community

If you’re one of the 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, you’ve probably already figured out that it has a lot of potential for outreach and most likely already have a page for your church. Take the next step by learning some of the advanced features of Facebook and trying some new strategies to grow your audience and reach your community. This session will focus on Facebook pages, groups, and ads, but will also include discussion on Messenger, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Friday @ 3:30 pm – Peter Frank - Workshop Session 2 - The Importance of a Church Website in the Age of Social Media

As people of all ages spend more time on social media than ever before, does a church website still have a place in your ministry? The short answer is “yes” (otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for this session), but the purpose of your website has certainly changed. Learn what you need to do to ensure your church website leverages the latest technology and extends the interactions that start on social media. Topics of discussion will include the challenges of a social media-only approach, the importance of search engine optimization on your website, and the role of your website in your overall communication strategy. 

Saturday 10:45 am – Peter Frank - Workshop Session 3: -  Establishing a Digital Communication Strategy for Your Church

Do your church’s communication efforts support the goals of your church? Or is nothing more than just announcements and prayer requests? Learn the basics of a complete communication strategy that will focus your efforts, personalize your messages, and encourage action from your audience. This session will be an overview of the 14-week course offered by Concordia Technology Solutions and includes topics such as planning church goals, creating audience personas, determining a content strategy, understanding the six core communication channels, and setting up a communication framework.


Tony Cook - Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age  - Workshop Session 1, 2 & 3

Rev. Dr. Anthony (Tony) Cook, the Executive Director of U.S. Ministries at Lutheran Hour Ministries, has over 17 years of experience in curriculum design and development, distance curricula, educational technology, and leadership. He has served as a parish pastor and consultant to numerous Christian entities on digitally sharing the Gospel through various forms of multimedia.

 The ways Christians share, how often they engage in spiritual conversations, and their goals for sharing faith are different. And in a culture where relativism is the norm and fewer believe in absolute truth, the attitudes and responses of those who hear the Gospel have also evolved. Tony’s workshop offers insights on:

Workshop Session I - Shifting definitions and practices of evangelism over the past 25 years, including the impact of social media

Workshop Session 2 -The State of Evangelism Today Perceptions of faith sharing from both sides of the conversation: the sharer and the hearer

Workshop Session 3 – The Good Evangelist - data-based profile of a good evangelist

Why should you attend? Technology and rapid cultural shifts may have altered the face of evangelism, but the Great Commission remains. This workshop presents what has changed so Christians effectively share the unchanging Good News in the digital age.

You will ...

  • Learn how faith conversations have evolved through the use of technology.
  • Understand how perceptions of evangelism shape our faith sharing conversations.
  • Discuss the research and discover ways you can apply the findings to sharing your faith.

Friday @ 2 pm – Belinda Bost - Workshop Session I -Devotional Art Calls the Congregation to New Experiences  in Word, Prayer and Community: Learn about the new ways to use illustrated worship notes during worship and resources on where to get them. Explore how to use Devotional Art to reach out to the home bound. Belinda will share examples of how Devotional art can be part of the Sunday School and the Day School curriculum for all ages. Prayer stations. Where to put them? How to use them?  Are you looking for a small group idea ? She will help you get started.

Friday @ 3:30 pm – Belinda Bost - Workshop Session 2 - Devotional Life: Belinda will share how Devotional Art can supplement your daily devotion time, using your day planner. This system works for adults and students.

Saturday @ 10:45 am – Belinda Bost - Workshop Session 3 - Neighborhood Mission:  Use Devotional Art activities during VBS and other community outreach opportunities. You will learn of the newly formed  Visual Faith Ministry working within the SED and throughout the world via Social Media , conferences and workshops. 


Workshops - Session 4 – Saturday at 1:30 pm - District Staff

Bill Seaman: Generational Thinking About God, Faith, Religion, and Church”

This session will explore the younger generations in our society, their characteristics and why many of them are missing from our congregations. We will focus on how we may become better equipped to connect them to Jesus and grow the Kingdom of God using the resources and gifts which we have been given.

Travis Guse:  A Coach Approach To Discipleship Empowerment

How does coaching  personalize discipleship in our modern day context? An “Ask, Don’t Tell” approach not only empowers the Priesthood of All Believers to discover and live out their calling in Christ, but also engages this younger post-church and post-Christian generation with the questions of meaning and purpose they are wrestling with in order to win a hearing for the Gospel.

Don Schaefer: Engaging Neighbors Through Acts of Compassion and Mercy

Practical things necessary for a ministry of servanthood through what the need is, what would be needed to meet the need, what about 'plan b' if your 'plan a' doesn't work, what attitude to cultivate among those serving, being sure of the motivation for serving, and how to measure the outcome of serving"

Steve Heemann: Serving through Wise Stewardship of God’s Gifts – What God Has to Say about Money and Possessions.

Stewardship is our joyful response of gratitude for God’s goodness and grace in our lives.  Our stewardship walk is also about cultivating a deeper personal relationship with Jesus.  While the scope of Christian Stewardship encompasses “time and talents” in addition to “treasure”, in this workshop we will explore what God has to say about money and possessions.  

 Yared Halche: Bonding with My Neighbor, Building Bridges in the Neighborhood

Getting to know who is in your neighborhood is the first step in being able to bond with your neighbors, whether it is the neighborhood of your church or the neighborhood where you live. During this session, Rev. Halche will lead a lively discussion in discovering and identifying ways to build bridges – to reach out with Gospel heart – to meet neighbors and begin building relationships.

Sally Hiller - Sharing Jesus through Prayer Walking and Other Neighborhood Activities

Are you wondering how others are blessing their neighbors, what activities open possibilities for conversations…perhaps even Gospel sharing? During this session, Sally Hiller will share the stories from neighborhood missionaries throughout the SED.

Erika Radke – Favorite Techniques for Bible Journaling

Erika will share samples and techniques of using some of the popular techniques used in Bible Journaling. Join her for hands on instruction of using napkins, washi tape, stamping, watercolors, resists, and more.