Spring Training

Spring Training for iNeighborhood: 

Five  30-minute sessions the week of May 20-24.  The SED staff will be sharing a different presentation each day on ministry in the neighborhood. Follow up discussion and a panel discussion will follow the week after.

The scheduled sessions are as follows:

View from the Pitcher’s Mound (John Denninger) Monday, May 20@ Noon    Checking out the playing field, knowing who’s on first, and what type of pitch – these are thoughts that go through the mind of the pitcher. Ministry in the neighborhood is much like that. During one summer break President Denninger learned that there was a real need for a Gospel presence in his neighborhood. He will share the story that gave shape to the vision of neighborhood ministry in this first Spring Training session.

Rules of the Game - (Don Schaefer) Tuesday, May 21 @Noon   Before you play – you want to know the rules. Christ opens the playbook in the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. These stories of the Father’s love for all of his children help lay the theological framework for iNeighborhood.

Playing to Your Strengths (Travis Guse) Wednesday, May 22@Noon  Knowing your strengths better prepares you as a member of the mission team and helps equip you to love and serve neighbors. We have each been given unique gifts that are needed to reach others. In this session Travis will talk about the importance of knowing your strengths and developing them to help connect neighbors with Jesus.

Scouting for the Big League (Yared Halche) Thursday, May 23@Noon    Join Yared as he examines the American Churches’ Mission Among Ethnic Communities. This session will look at the parable of the three tenants from Matthew 25:14-30 through a missiological lens to determine faithfulness and fruitfulness in mission. He will underscore the significance of the gospel’s ‘investment’ among others, particularly ethnes (ethnic groups). Recommendations will be given to maximize missional engagement and partnership with the global ethnes who reside in America.  

Pastor as Coach and Assistant Coach (Mark Schroeder) Friday, May 24@Noon    Leaders should feel free to take the time to invest in a few spiritually-ready individuals in the congregation for the sake of forming committed communities (e.g. iGo groups, small groups ministering outwardly, etc.). This is opposed to trying to motivate the entire congregation to engage in outreach. The Lord uses small groups throughout history to carry out His will for the nations, Mark Schroeder will give a few practical suggestions on how to form these committed communities.

The Cleanup Hitter(s) (Kirk Hymes and Sally Hiller) Thursday, May 30 @Noon    A week of Spring Training and now the great Lutheran question: “What does this mean?” In this week’s session, Kirk and Sally will talk about putting these learning to actions. They will be sharing from the experiences of many neighborhood missionaries throughout the District.

In The Locker Room - Tuesday, June 11@7:00       The Southeastern District Staff will join in a panel discussion reflecting on the season before us – a season to be in the neighborhoods, connecting with people, and sharing Jesus. This is a great time to ask questions… even throw a curve ball.