The Southeastern District (SED)

The Southeastern District (SED) of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS) is a regional district of the LCMS working with congregations and schools in creative partnerships that will result in church transformation and Kingdom growth.

The 216 congregations and 79 school ministries of the Southeastern District face many challenges as they seek to reach out to communities around them. Communities filled with people who don't know Jesus as Lord, who hunger for spiritual meaning, and who are looking for something in which to hope. The Mission of the Southeastern District leadership is to help congregations strengthen themselves and each other in order that each congregation might more effectively understand and pursue its mission.

Southeastern District, LCMS Mission Statement

In grateful response to God’s grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
The Southeastern District Connects people with Jesus.

Southeastern District, LCMS Vision Statement

As we work together to connect our neighbors to Jesus, lives are transformed and God’s Kingdom is growing.

Ends Statements
The people of congregations, schools, and ministries are partnering to develop mission opportunities so that their neighbors are connected to the saving message of the Gospel.

Congregations, schools, and ministries are encouraging and equipping people to engage in disciple-making activities in their own neighborhoods with acts of love, mercy, and witness.

Leaders and church workers are being equipped to enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to actively model and lead members to be the priesthood of all believers in their neighborhoods.

Congregations, schools, and ministries are sending people into their neighborhoods and receiving them back with thanksgiving as lives are transformed and God’s Kingdom grows.

Connecting people with Jesus

District Office Location
6315 Grovedale Drive
Alexandria, VA 22310
800.637.5723/ 703-971-9371

District President
Rev. Dr. John R. Denninger

District Logo
The Southeastern District, LCMS (SED) brandmark/logo. The SED logo may be used by congregations and ministries of the District when referring to the SED/Southeastern District. It may be used in it’s entirety or by using the cross alone. The four color cross logo and it’s colors are a part of the SED/Southeastern District brand. Use of the cross must  always refer back to the Southeastern District ( The four color cross may not be changed in color or shape.