Southeastern District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
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Hearts for Jesus

Working Together to Support Mission

For over 30 years, early childhood centers and K-12 schools in the Southeastern District have partnered in supporting a special project we call “Hearts for Jesus.”

Simply stated, the 65+ Lutheran school ministries in the SED designate the chapel offerings for February (or whatever time you choose) to support a ministry somewhere beyond our borders. We are partnering this year with the schools from the Florida-Georgia District as well! 

Give hope and help to children in Ukraine. The 2023-2024 Hearts for Jesus project will raise money for food packets for children and families in Ukraine.


Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries is the 2023-2024 Hearts for Jesus project. Schools can participate by collecting money through offerings and creating prayer cards. For $16, a family receives a food package to make 6-7 meals. Helping Hands works directly with Lutheran pastors in Eastern Europe.

Helping Hands Eastern European Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization created to care for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of vulnerable populations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldovia, and Greece. As Lutherans, Helping Hands is dedicated to sharing God’s great grace and love through Jesus with Eastern Europe. 

Prior-Year Hearts for Jesus Projects

2022-23        Hurricane Ian Relief

2021-22        Change Your World – World Mission ($5,475.01)

2020-21         LWR Baby Care Kits

2019-20         Bethania Kids, India ($954.46)

2018-19         Seth, Kezia, Amos Comfort Dogs ($1,899.21)

2017-18         Castillo Fuerte, Lima Peru ($9,507.64)

2016-17         Orphan Grain Train, Sewing Machines for Cameroon ($5,701.58)

2015-16         An Ark, Heifer Projects ($10,588.19)

2014-15         Lutheran School in Uganda, Kakiika ($18,545.18)

2013-14         4 the 1: Human Trafficking ($3,920.13)

2012-13         Giving Gardens, WheatRidge Foundation (Schools sent directly to WheatRidge)

2011-12         The Lutheran Malaria Initiative, LWR ($4,202.00)

2010-11         School for Flantown, Liberia ($5,715.00)

2009-10         Mercy Ships ($10,571.28)

2008-09         Faith Comes Hearing ($7,875.00)

Note:  Many schools sent their gifts directly to the organization. Figures here show the funds that were sent through the SED.