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Racial Equity Resources

The following resources are designed to assist individuals and congregation groups working to achieve racial equity.

LORD, WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM!  Online conversation held on August 10. Racism is not just A problem but OUR problem – one which God is calling us to address! This was a  virtual on-line conversation led by President John Denninger and members of the Coalition of Lutherans in Black Ministry. WATCH THE RECORDING HERE

The following are resources that have been developed and or requested from the online conversation on August 10.

  • Workshop Resource to combat the sin of racism – “Lord, is it I?” was developed by the Coalition of Lutherans in Black Ministry for congregations and small groups. This is a three hour workshop that may be done virtually or in a congregational setting.  Leaders Guide (PDF) Workshop Materials (PDF)
  • Small Group Discussion Questions – These questions were used during the small group breakouts of the Conversations on Racism – QUESTIONS (PDF)
  • Race in America, a Holy Post video was shared during the SED’s “Lord We’ve Got a Problem” conversations on Racism.  It is a 17-minute, fast moving conversation of intentional actions throughout US history that developed and sustained a “massive and unjust disparity between African Americans and white Americans.”   VIDEO LINK
  • Cracking the Codes, a video featuring author and educator Joy DeGruy, shares how Joy’s sister-in-law used her white privilege to stand up to inequity and the example that can be set for others to follow.  VIDEO LINK
  • Additional Voices in the Conversation:  Rev. Dr. Lloyd Gaines from Peace Lutheran in Washington, D.C. and Ms. Nikki Rochester from Berea Lutheran in Baltimore, Maryland share their experiences in the church.

The History of LCMS Mercy Work with African Americans by Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod has an enduring legacy of using mercy work as a means by which to share the Gospel. This is true for the Synod’s work with and among African Americans as well. (PDF Link)

Racial Division is a Reality in Our Country – A study by Rev. B. Keith Haney. Pull back the covers over the racial issues that have divided our country. One Nation Under God, Healing Racial Divides in America is a downloadable study to understand differences and recognize that we are all made in the image of God. Download this CPH resource here.

Synodical Resources: LCMS Black Ministry promotes faithfulness to theology that is contextually holistic, touching lives with the Gospel through mercy care in the context of daily experiences.  Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Jr. shares the following LCMS resources and responses to recent events:

Resources for Lutheran Schools –  has pulled together a list of resources from the LCMS and other sources that may be of a benefit as we all work to confront this challenging topic.

Resources from Augsburg Fortress has resources on race, religion, and working for justice. The following link includes many books by people of color along with a curriculum from Sparkhouse that equips adults to have meaningful and transformative conversations about race. Read more and link to resources

Books on Racism and Religion  (PDF) – A selected Bibliography complied by Emmet Aldrich.


The resources on these pages are here to further the conversation on racism. They have been prepared by LCMS leaders in Black Ministry within the SED and the National LCMS and are offered as potential resources for the conversation.