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Blog: The Advent of the Everlasting Father

In a time of personal and political turmoil, my father, our family’s sole provider, was forced to leave Ethiopia and seek refuge in Kenya. His sudden departure left a deep economic and psychological impact on us. However, after 12 years, while I was studying at the seminary, I received the uplifting news of his return. Overwhelmed with joy and unable to focus on my finals, I sought permission to leave the seminary and journey back to my village to reunite with him. His return was a profound moment, stirring emotions deep within me. This experience reminds me of the joyous arrival of our Father and King, Jesus Christ, whose presence in our lives brings unparalleled joy and compels us to share His goodness. The anticipation of humanity’s redemption culminates in the majestic return of the King, Jesus, who, riding on heavenly horses, ushers in a new epoch unveiling the closure of history.

Evangelist Luke, in his historical accounts, notes the presence of prominent figures like Caesar, governors, and high priests. Yet, he emphasizes the advent of the Son of God. Luke portrays His arrival as so momentous that it overcomes all life’s obstacles—’ valleys, hills, and crooked paths’ become straight. Fear, uncertainty, demonic forces, sin, death, and despair are vanquished. His arrival is so profound that it ensures the salvation of all mankind, extending His gospel across nations. This divine visitation was exemplified in John the Baptist’s life: “The word of God came to him. He went into all the country, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins” (Luke 3:1–6). God beckons His people to embark on this new journey of repentance, forgiveness, peace, joy, and witness.
God’s tangible presence is evident to those who earnestly seek Him, especially through engagement with His Word. The Apostle John speaks of a light that dispels darkness, a Word made flesh, embodying truth and glory (John 1:1–11).
As we eagerly await God’s glorious return, we are compelled to join in His mission, bringing the nations into His kingdom. His powerful arrival not only fills us with joy but also moves us to proclaim His unconditional love to all humanity.

Discussion Questions:

How can personal experiences of joy and reunion, like the return of a loved one, deepen our understanding of Jesus Christ’s coming to our life no matter the depth of our valleys would be?

In what ways does engaging with the Scriptures enable us to experience God’s special revelation and presence?

How does the anticipation of Christ’s glorious return influence our daily lives and interactions with others?


Family Advent Outreach Ideas:

Advent Family Time: Establish an advent devotional time at home where your family reads and discusses Scriptures related to Jesus’ advent and His transformative power. This can be a time of bonding and spiritual growth, sharing insights and personal experiences.

Storytelling Evenings: Host family gatherings with close friends or family where everyone shares personal stories of overcoming challenges or moments of revelation. These stories can be linked to the theme of Jesus bringing light to our darkest valleys, fostering encouragement and hope.

Creative Family Projects: Engage in creative activities like drawing, painting, or crafting with your family, focusing on themes of hope, joy, and Jesus’ coming. These artworks can be gifts to neighbors or friends, accompanied by a small note sharing the joy of Christ’s love.

Acts of Kindness: Encourage each family member to perform simple acts of kindness in their daily life, such as helping a neighbor, writing an encouraging note, or sharing a meal. Discuss these acts during family time, highlighting how these actions reflect Jesus’ love and can uplift others.

Prayer Walks in Nature: As a family, take walks in nature, using the time to pray for each other, your community, and the world. This can be a powerful way to connect with God’s creation, reflect on the beauty of the world He has made, and anticipate the joy of Jesus’ immediate and glorious coming.