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SED Coaching Network

Who Are We?

We are all on a journey in this life.  Over this last year and a half, many of us of felt like we have been navigating off the map.  We are tired, confused, and we do not necessarily know what the future holds.  The SED Coaching Network is an association of certified coaches who are skilled at helping you gain a higher perspective to orient to your new environment, gain awareness of the resources and opportunities available to you, and empower you to move towards the future that God is leading you to discover.  We stand ready to walk with you in helping you elevate your kingdom potential through just-in-time resources that fit your unique circumstances.

What is Coaching?

In the SED Coaching Network, we view coaching as a client directed process that empowers individuals and ministries to discover the best of who God has created and redeemed them to be in Christ, and then determine the best path forward in living that calling out. A coach serves as a creative think partner, helping you process the goals and visions that not only you have for your life and ministry, but the goals and visions that God has as well.  A coach will never tell you what to do, but rather through deep listening and asking powerful questions, seeks to empower you in determining your own solutions and designing action steps. Coaching is perfect for those times of transition in life, moving from what was, to discovering what could be.  Sometimes in order to see God’s visions for our lives and ministries become a reality, we need someone who is in our corner, providing encouragement, support, and accountability along the way.  

The SED Coaching Network brings a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to help individuals and ministries in a variety of circumstances.  We work closely with congregational leaders and members to find the right solutions for your specific context and area.

If you have any questions to see if coaching is right for you or you would like to connect with a coach to begin that journey that you sense God is calling you to please contact Travis Guse, Executive Director for Wellness and Coaching, at

The SED Coaching Network seeks to:

  1. Promote a culture of coaching throughout the SED and in member congregations for discipleship empowerment, spiritual growth, and organizational development.
  2. Provide coaching support to pastors, church workers, congregational leaders, and the Priesthood of All Believers to discover and more effectively live out their calling in Christ.
  3. To connect God’s people around our district’s mission of connecting people to Jesus so that lives are transformed and God’s kingdom grows.
  4. To raise up and multiply coaches within SED congregations for greater vocational discipleship.
  5. Encourage and support one another in our coaching ministries, that we would grow in our knowledge and proficiency as coaches.

Individual Coaching

Engage a coach for one-on-one coaching conversations around leadership support, professional growth, sabbatical planning, personal well-being, leading through change, and vocational discernment.

Group Coaching

Engage in a collaborative learning environment, facilitated by a coach, with others who share a common focus.

Team Coaching

Engage a coach to work with your ministry team for starting new Kingdom initiatives, strategic visioning and implementation, strengths-based organizational development, and team-building.

Meet the coaches

I am an ICF Certified Mission Engagement Coach and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.  I
can help you and your ministry clarify your mission and vision, develop a strategy to turn that vision into reality, identify internal and external resources needed to move forward, while providing encouragement, support, and gospel accountability along the way.

Email Travis Guse

Stefanie is a certified CoachNet Coach who specializes in helping people of all ages navigate both the opportunities and challenges in life and ministry.

Email Stefanie Guse

God has wired us to find comfort and security in the familiar.  That is why change is really hard and also necessary.  What if there was a way to take steps toward a future that honors the best of the past?  That’s the most excellent way of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  AI is a powerful methodology that engages all stakeholders and focuses on God’s abundant blessings rather than what’s wrong.

Email Christine Wethman

Tina has a passion for helping churches uncover their unique sweet spot for ministry and learning to thrive in it.  Tina is a Director of Christian Outreach, ICF Certified Coach, and an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience of helping congregations maximize their collective potential to meet the needs and opportunities in their community.

Email Tina Jasion

Coach for Pastors’ Wives and Church Worker Spouses


About Me As A Coach:

Donna serves the Southeastern District as a Certified Coach and Lay Deacon.  She has been an LCMS pastor’s wife for 23 years and has served in the church on staff as a worship team leader and music director.  As a church volunteer, she has led strategic church planning teams and women’s ministry programs.  She has owned her own small business and worked professionally as a writer, conference planner and non-profit administrative director.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the Pennsylvania State University.  Donna has been married to her husband, George, for 36 years and is the mother of a grown daughter and two grown sons and grandmother to a precious 3-year-old granddaughter.  A very loving son-in-law and Yellow Labrador, Nittany, round out the family.

Coaching Expertise:

Donna’s coaching passion is to help pastors’ wives and other church worker spouses identify and process the joys and challenges they experience in their unique role in the body of Christ and to live out God’s plan for their personal and family health, spiritual growth, unique gifting and service and leadership in the Kingdom of God.

Pastors, church workers and their spouses swim in the ministry fishbowl where everyone sees them as they live and work.  They walk a sacrificial path very few understand.  Church worker spouses are given the immense privilege and honor of praying for, supporting and serving the body of Christ in a way few others can.  With that role comes many joys and challenges.

Church worker spouses have a front row seat to the immense highs and deep lows of their people.  They help carry their burdens, whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually.  They see the best and the worst in them as they walk together in their daily lives.  Spouses are given a place of honor in the body of Christ, yet many times they are lonely and fearful. It is hard to make and maintain friendships, and they sometimes don’t know who they can trust.  They are often confused about their role in the church or at the mercy of church culture expectations and/or intense ministry need.  They struggle to maintain healthy boundaries and balance between home and church. 

Coaching can help church worker spouses increase awareness around these unique joys and challenges and help them assess their own spiritual and emotional health, empower them to discover their unique gifting in the Kingdom of God and provide resources to support and encourage them in their ministries.

You are not alone as a pastor’s wife or church worker spouse!  There is help and support available to chart a course for positive change and growth!

Contact Info:

T – (443) 812-1477

Email Donna Lippitt

I am currently serving as Senior Pastor and Executive Director at King of Glory in Williamsburg, VA. I also serve as the Program Coordinator for the SED Lay Deacon Program.

Contact Info:; 757.258.9701

About Me As A Coach: I am a challenger. I like to challenge up and coming church workers to dream big, work hard, and see what God has in store.

Coaching Niche & Expertise: I have coached Lay Deacons, Lay Deacon Interns, and Vicars primarily as they find their own strengths and passions for kingdom service.

Coaching Certifications: CAM CCLC

Email Lannon Martin

I have been an LCMS parish pastor for 29 years and involved in coach training and coaching since 2019.

About Me As A Coach: I am an encourager!  I am most gratified when I see a coaching client find a new direction or consider a new (to them) way of looking at their life and/or their work.

Coaching Expertise:  My interests in coaching are particularly directed towards how rest and sabbatical can impact a person’s whole life.

Coaching Experience & Training:  I have taken several of the coaching courses offered through the SED and am working toward my ACC accreditation.  My experience has included coaching towards a sabbatical and as a Lay Deacon Training huddle coach.

Coaching Method:  My objective in coaching is to help each client make positive changes in their profession and life.

Contact Info:

T – (704) 562-9104

Email Jeff Marquardt

About Me As A Coach: I am a volunteer coach available for single or short term engagements to help people navigate through life’s uncertainties and transitions. Though the person being coached is charting the course through the coaching process, I aim to help him or her ultimately see God’s guidance through life, even in times of turbulence. An engineer by profession, I feel that bigger challenges can often be tackled by breaking them into manageable pieces, and creating a path where progress is made toward the goal step-by-step.

Coaching Experience & Training: SED Certified Coach

Contact Info:

Email Bill Lohmeyer

About Me as a Coach:  As a pastor, I have worked to identify, develop, and build upon my current skill set through training as a coach.  In so doing, I am better suited to assist others in their daily pursuits.  I welcome and appreciate the privilege of walking beside others as they seek God’s will in their lives; freeing themselves from life’s thickets, growing, and striving.

Coaching Expertise:  After beginning training in 2021, I have continued to train and network with other Christian coaches through the SED Coaching Network here in the Southeastern District, LCMS.  I invite congregations and their families as well as church workers to contact me.

Coaching Experience and Training:  CAM 501 – Foundations of Christian Coaching; CAM 502 – Establishing a Dynamic Coaching Relationship; Group Mentor Coaching

Coaching Method:  Let’s discover God’s plan together!  I am generally available online, by telephone, or in person.

Contact Info:

T – (828) 302-9305  

Email Glenn Roseman