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Implement the 7 Practices of a healthy Youth Ministry



Congregations help each young person…

Deeply understand their baptismal faith

Develop a resilient identity in Christ

Live out their unique vocation

Congregations have…

Supportive adults

Engaged parents

Opportunities to serve and lead

  • Pop-up events. Attend/support a youth’s play, concert, or sports event. Meet at a place for a meal either before or after the event.
  • Graduation/milestone blessings/send-offs. Celebrate the achievements of your youth. Confirmations, graduations, awards, etc. Make special notice of these milestones and celebrate with them and their peers.
  • Involve youth in leadership events around the church. This can be as official as an Internship Program or as casual as involving the youth in Sunday School/VBS leadership from time to time. Help them to be integrated into the life of the congregation.
  • SED Youth Gatherings/Retreats. The SED sponsors two youth events each year. A Junior High event in the early Spring and a Senior High event in late Fall. These are a great way for a group to be involved in the larger Lutheran youth movement throughout our District. (Plus every three years the LCMS hosts the massive Youth Gathering nationally.)
  • Start an After School Program. Once a week or so, a time (say 3 to 5 pm) where the youth can gather after school in your youth center to work on homework, watch tv, play board/video games, or just talk.
  • Try “Seasonal” VBS. Connect a mini-VBS to the Easter and Christmas Seasons. That is when you will find more youth at your church. Involve them in the stories of the season. Utilize older youth in leadership roles in these events.
  • It is more about the “who” not the “what.” Relationships trump programs. You don’t have to compete to entertain your youth.
  • Authentic care for your youth does not go unnoticed. Spend time/energy to get to know them.
  • Share your story as a youth leader (and the story of your congregation) with your youth to invite them into your life and the life of the church.
  • Include the youth in the planning of events/programs. Put them on the leadership team. Get their ideas.
  • Combine with other like-minded youth groups in your area/circuit. Utilize community assets like Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or Rec programs etc. to increase your program offerings.
  • Use group texting programs to get out schedule information – keep all informed of events. Use a system like Constant Contact for consistent email reminders. Text youth/send a written note as a one-on-one way to communicate as well.
  • Go out to meet youth where they are. You don’t have to get them back to the church campus to have it be a meaningful youth ministry moment.
  • Get the youth to be involved in their community. Servant events (with a dose of fun along the way) are a good way to involve the youth in something “more” than themselves.



Parenting/Teen Relationships



  • Help! I’m a Student Leader: Practical Ideas and Guidance on Leadership by Doug Fields
  • Sticky Faith, Youth Worker Edition: Practical Ideas to Nurture Long-Term Faith in Teenagers by K. Powell, B. Griffin, and C. Crawford
  • Growing Young: 6 Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church by K. Powell, J. Mulder, and B. Griffin

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