Southeastern District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
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Mr. Tom Kolb

Mr. Tom Kolb

Executive Director of Schools and Youth Ministry

Tom has served schools and families in the SED for over 30 years as a teacher, coach, youth group director, camp counselor, athletic director, and principal among other roles.  Working with youth and families and sharing his heart and God’s love with them have been the guiding forces of his life’s vocation.

Tom attended Lutheran Schools and churches his whole education life from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Kingsville, Maryland (K – 8th Grade) on to high school at Baltimore Lutheran School (now Concordia Preparatory School).  Later, Tom was blessed to serve at both schools professionally. Tom received his college education at Valparaiso University and his Colloquy from Concordia New York.  Tom most recently served as principal at Resurrection Lutheran Church and Schools in Cary, North Carolina.

Tom is married to Jenny whom he first met at St. Paul’s when he was 5 and she 3 years old.  They are blessed with a son, Sam, and two daughters, Abby and Suzy, who all have attended Lutheran Schools where Tom was the principal.

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